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13 Products

Über Musikboxen

Anyone who swept the floor in the days of Elvis always knew how to carry enough change - for the jukebox! Nowadays, music requests can be fulfilled more easily and controlled via the smartphone at the touch of a button. The only thing missing for the ultimate sound experience is the matching jukebox. Discover our various models for at home or on the way and go with the Teufel to the "Heartbreak Hotel".Music boxes you can carry: the best sound for on the go

It doesn’t matter if you’re by the sea or on the balcony, portable music boxes from Teufel ensure the best sound anywhere. Depending on what music box you’re looking for, Teufel’s wide range of speakers varies from pocket-sized speakers to larger speakers that deliver festival sound on the go. Just connect your device wirelessly and stream music from multiple sources, such as Spotify or YouTube.

WiFi Streaming speaker: Endless streaming for your home

The Teufel WiFi streaming series offer the best sound for various rooms. From compact all-in-one sound solutions to larger stereo systems. Thanks to integrated Raumfeld technology you can connect individual Teufel Streaming systems together. In the multiroom mode, you can play either the same or different music in various rooms. You can an overview of what’s going on in the Teufel app. Using the app you control the volume and your music choice. In addition, all models feature two additional streaming technologies - Bluetooth and Spotify Connect. Selected systems are also equipped with Chromecast built in, allowing direct streaming from more than 100 music apps to one or more speakers.

Radio 3Sixty: The digital radio from Teufel

With the Radio 3Sixty, the time in the kitchen is guaranteed to be a party. The integrated Dynamore technology ensures a particularly enveloping sound experience with 360-degree sound. In addition to DAB+, FM and Internet radio, the compact digital radio also has Bluetooth streaming. The control music selection and volume conveniently via the app or directly on the device using the station keys and the rotary knob. The practical wake-up function is perfect for all sleepy mornings, because what could be nicer than waking up with the sound of the Teufel

Soundbars: The sound makes the picture

You only have limited space, but don't want to do without a stunning home cinema experience? Then the Teufel Soundbars are the right choice for you. These jukeboxes for the TV are simply positioned below the screen and connected to the TV via an HDMI cable. Each of our soundbars is equipped with a number of individual sounders, which can be controlled individually. At the touch of a button, you can enjoy virtual surround sound that resembles the sound of a 5.1 home cinema system. For an even more home cinema feel, you can either upgrade your rear speakers or opt for a Teufel soundbar set with rear speakers.

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