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You've always wanted to know what's behind the terms and designations of the audio world? Then take a look at our audio glossary. Here you will find a short and concise explanation of, for example, bi-amping, bi-wiring, impedance and ohms.

Impaq - Home Cinema from Teufel

The dream of your own home cinema can be fulfilled quickly and inexpensively with a powerful Impaq system from Lautsprecher Teufel. Here you will not only get the usual excellent sound from Berlin but an equally impressive picture. Because this product family offers complete systems, which contain beside sound-strong Teufel loudspeakers also still Blu ray Receiver, which read out the high-resolution signals professionally and passes on to the loudspeakers and the TV optimally. Thus need thus additionally only a television set. Everything else is provided by these Teufel systems.

Strong sound meets sharp picture - The Impaq series of Teufel

The Impaq series is up to date and there is something for every film and sound enthusiast. The control centre for all Impaq bundles is the Impaq 8000 Blu-ray Receiver The already strong predecessor, Impaq 7000, was again surpassed. With 4k UHD Upscale and Bluetooth apt-X, this all-rounder is perfectly equipped for any movie or music. 

Current Impaq products from Teufel

Teufel offers a variety of Impaq-Bundles. The coveted home cinema systems are offered in a bundle with the all-round receiver impaq 8000. 

LT 4 Impaq 5.1 Set

The ready-to-play 5.1 Blu-ray complete system offers hi-fi columns made of aluminium with four mid-range speakers and one tweeter per speaker for hi-fi reproduction of music, film sound and games. With a system output of 750 watts and the wireless flat subwoofer with three woofers and 35 hz cut-off frequency, the LT 4 Impaq "5.1-Set L" is ready for all requirements, both visually and sonically. For example, with the compact but powerful Cubycon Impaq bundle, you get not only the wireless flat subwoofer but also five high-end 2-way micro loudspeakers made of aluminum with elaborate coaxial drivers. An anodized surface for a pleasant haptic, paired with a high efficiency (90 dB at 2.83 V / 1 m) and maximum level (100 dB/1 m) are Cubycon's powerful compact loudspeakers with which even large rooms can be filled with sound. 

Varion Impaq 5.1 Set

The slim 5.1 loudspeakers consist of five identical 2-way speakers with 7 drivers each for a realistic and powerful surround sound. In addition to their impressive sound, the slim Varion are also extremely flexible. The speakers fit on the wall, on a stand, tabletop stand or on optionally available wall mounts . The Varion Impaq "5.1 Set"also features a likewise wireless, slim but powerful 100-Watt subwoofer that can be placed flexibly. 

Columa 300 Impaq 5. 1 Set

With the aluminium columns of the Columa 300 Easy "5.1-Set S" and the 160mm woofer of the subwoofer, you have a perfectly tuned home theatre system that is also ready to play. The two mid-range drivers and the tweeter per column ensure a very transparent reproduction. The extremely slim and massive columns with their matt metallic paint can be installed in any ambience.

Consono 35 Impaq 5.1 Set

The Consono 35 Impaq 5.1 Set is another representative of the compact home theatre systems. It consists of five identical 2-way microphones with two midrange drivers each for realistic, powerful surround sound. Despite the compact subwoofer, 106dB is achieved, which is quite loud for this small format. The discreet and compact loudspeakers can be ideally installed in any living room and provide enrichment in your own four walls, both visually and sonically.

Predecessor Impaq products from Teufel

Our current Impaq products naturally have a past, but it is just as interesting as the current innovations. Below is a summary of the Impaq history for nostalgics.

Impaq 40

With the Impaq 40, Lautsprecher Teufel launched its first complete mini stereo system in 2009. The system was a concentrated radio amplifier unit that also provided a CD player. Teufel had managed to create a compact system with powerful sound despite the small dimensions of the speakers. 

A meticulously tuned two-way system with 25 mm dome tweeter and 130 mm mid-bass driver in a bass-reflex cabinet. Another highlight of the Impaq 40 was the IP 40 CR. This is an FM/MW receiver with integrated CD drive, which stood out due to its extremely compact appearance.

The worthy successor of the Impaq 40 - The Ultima 20 Kombo.

Impaq 400

With the Impaq 400, you could put together a surround sound set that fulfilled all your wishes for perfect audio enjoyment in your own home. And that without having to rummage through the endless range of different DVD players and speakers. The Teufel Impaq 400 was equipped with a 2.1 receiver, a surround decoder, a DVD player and, of course, the matching subwoofer and two satellite speakers.

Impaq 4000

With the 5.1 home cinema complete system Impaq 4000, the sound artists at Lautsprecher Teufel from Berlin brought an absolute all-rounder onto the market in spring 2010, which will thrill home cinema fans both in sound and picture. The Impaq 4000 really offers everything a home cinema heart desires: AV receiver, DVD player, subwoofer and satellite speakers - all in one! The core of the system is the ultra-flat DVD receiver. In its almost 5 cm high housing, an incredible four devices are combined: DVD player and radio tuner, a surround decoder and a preamplifier. The DVD drive can handle all common formats - including MP3, WMA, DivX, SVCD and many more. During movie playback, a built-in upscaler ensures that the movie material is displayed in absolute HD quality at 1080p, even if it is not designed for this on its own. The surround decoder ensures that the cinema images are accompanied by the appropriate cinema sound. The device masters digital surround sound formats with a strong sound, such as Dolby Digital and DTS, without any problems.

Impaq 6000

In 2010, the home cinema prodigy Impaq 6000 from Lautsprecher Teufel in Berlin was born. The Impaq 6000 was a complete sound package for the top-class 5.1 surround performance in picture and sound! The ensemble consisted of an unconditionally bass-capable active subwoofer, four shapely and matching speaker columns, a matching centre speaker. The central point of the whole setup is the DVD receiver with integrated radio and DVD player.


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